‘That Awkward Moment’ when life happens

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By Kenji Koyama

At first, “That Awkward Moment,” written and directed by Tom Gormican, seems like the typical romantic comedy.
The film takes place in New York City, which makes it feel plain and overdone. Three friends make a pact to stay single together, and the story unfolds with witty dialogue and constant banter from all three male roles, Jason (Zac Efron), Mikey (Michael B. Jordan) and Daniel (Miles Teller).
Scene to scene, the plot points are simple situations that may happen in everyday life. The fact that we all can relate adds an easy method of entertainment to the flick.
However, this film has a deeper societal meaning that can be attributed to modern day millennials. There are many common misconceptions about certain types of people, and they are satirically represented in the movie. It utilizes the notion that you cannot judge a book by its cover, which is ironically what Jason and Daniel do for a living — making book covers for new upcoming books. Mikey is the married friend and a doctor at a New York hospital.
The characters are comedic young guys and are stereotypical to the fullest extent. Jason is a ladie’s man, Mikey is falling out of a marriage and Daniel is the guy who spends a lot of time with his female “friend.”
Yes, it may have cheesy moments, but some people enjoy those moments and appreciate them. The movie does not cater to all types of people, but anyone who has been in a relationship can relate to some scenes. The film covers all the situations that can happen in a relationship and takes them to a ridiculous level.
The filming is professional, and the flow is constant with awkward scenarios that would make anyone feel uncomfortable. However, the societal morality that is portrayed gives it depth.
It follows characters with flaws, but their misfortunes lead to major changes in their lives. When it all comes to an end, their lives are changed forever. The movie had a dialogue that was improvisational, but with a witty edge that made it comical.
Of course, there were the moments of romance, but there was always something awkward to ruin the moment. The film has received tough criticism but is worth checking out if you enjoy romantic comedies. It is rated R, allowing the film to have a more risque approach that would make anyone feel funny.
Characteristics of wit, drama, charisma, relatableness, strangeness and — yes, you guessed it — awkwardness are in this film. Adults of any age range can enjoy “That Awkward Moment.” The film comes to a realization that life can be weird and unusual, but we all have to simply laugh, because nobody is perfect.

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