Student Org Spotlight: Cru

CRU Org - Kelly Krauter, Amber Washington, and Ian Kreml

By Samantha Reid

Of the dozens of student organizations at Roosevelt University, one of the newest is Cru, a local chapter of a national organization that describes itself as a “community passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ.”
Prior to Cru’s installation on campus, the university was lacking a source for Christian students to meet and discuss their faith. Within the past few years, however, a handful of passionate students took action and began small group prayer sessions on campus.
Cru was first installed at Columbia College, and members there welcomed Roosevelt students with open arms. From there, Roosevelt was able to replicate their own version on campus.
The group has been trying to bring in new members by tabling in the cafeteria, posting flyers and representing themselves at the involvement fair.
“The mission is to win believers to the Christian faith, build them up in their relationship with God and really strengthen them a whole lot, as individuals,” said Ian Kreml, senior and Cru student leader. “Then [we] send them out to continue to live missionally, be it on campus, or through actual missionary work with Cru or just on a day-to-day basis with everyone.”
Students in Cru meet multiple times a week for small group prayer, which is led by the various student leaders. Wednesday morning Brew with Cru meetings take place before classes for prayer.
The group also teams up with the Cru chapter at Columbia for large group sessions, where students can pray, play games and speak to others who share in their faith, seeking support and guidance.
As a non-religiously affiliated private university, Roosevelt does not have many outlets for students looking to grow their religious faith within the campus environment. The university does offer a non-denominational prayer room, but the members of Cru wanted a greater feeling of a Christian community on campus.
Students currently involved in Cru have found the organization to be helpful in guiding them through their college careers as well as in their everyday lives. As with many student orgs. at Roosevelt, it provides students with a space to make new friends and share their interests. Cru members express an unwavering sense of positivity about the organization.
“I’d really like [other students] to know how much I’ve personally been affected by Cru,” Kreml said. “Since I’ve actually begun seeking to know God more and live out my faith, I’m amazed at how much my life has changed. I absolutely am a new person and am continually growing.”
Cru’s goal is to spread the word on campus and grow as an organization. The members seek to spread what they’ve learned and gotten out of their experiences to others, even those who do not currently identify as Christians.
“I want the general student body to know that we are here to talk to you and be there to guide you to God and the Bible,” Koyama said. “We are not a Christian-only community; we want to know what you have experienced with religion of any kind.”
Cru is always looking to spread the word about their group to other students.
Students seeking to get involved with Cru can check out the group’s Facebook page “Cru Roosevelt” for updates.

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