Visit Day returns Feb. 15 to attract high school students to Roosevelt

Visiting DayBy Stephanie Khio

Roosevelt University is hosting a High School Visit Day Saturday, Feb. 15. Though Open Houses are still running at Roosevelt, Visit Day offers a plethora of information to high school junior and senior students interested in pursuing undergraduate degrees and possibly, graduate degrees in the future.
As opposed to Open House — which is open to a wider range of students — Visit Day is tailored to high school students wanting to get a specific taste of Roosevelt’s structure.
This enables and ensures that the visiting high school students are getting clear and immediate answers to whatever questions they may have about the university.
Jared G. McCarty, associate director of Graduate Admission, is one of many coordinating this Visit Day.
The purpose of the event’s information sessions is, as McCarty stated, to “explore different entities.” Whether it be academically or financially, high school students have a lot of questions, and this year’s Visit Day will answer them in different informational sessions that touch base on academics, student life, financial aid, admissions and career services.
First, the visiting students will be welcomed at the Goodman Center, where a brief presentation will be held. Afterwards, the students will have the freedom of choosing which information session(s) they would like to attend.
The offices of Admissions and Financial Aid will work hand-in-hand in to make sure that all students have access to the information. The offices have planned informative sessions in Spanish for the Hispanic community in an attempt to “break down the language barriers,” McCarty said.
The visiting students will be given a taste of Roosevelt’s student life through a tour of the vertical campus and a chance to sit in on a mock class. The visiting students not only get to hear about campus life, but will get a first-class simulation in order to understand the university’s class structure.
“The students will get the opportunity to meet faculty and current students,” McCarty said. Both Career Services and student organizations will be represented in a session called Build Your Success. Visiting students will be informed about student jobs and the range of student organizations Roosevelt has to offer.
One important session, called Our Story, talks about the history of Roosevelt, while in the flux of societal and global change. This session will aim to educate the students on the rich, architectural history of the Auditorium Building and Theater, as well as the legacy of the university itself, pertaining to its academic goals and pursuit of social justice.
Lastly, the students will be able to attend a session on the academic programs offered at the undergraduate and graduate levels.
Visit Day will take place on Feb. 15 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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