Residence Life continues attempts to improve Wabash living situation

IMG_9145By Kenji Koyama

With the completion of the Wabash Building in 2012, Roosevelt University went from a known commuter school to more of a traditional campus.
“Roosevelt University has grown over the years tremendously,” Director of Residence Life Eduardo Diaz said. “Back when I looked at applying to undergrad, it had more of a community college feel to it than a university.”
As with most on-campus sites, the dorms at Wabash are taken care of and overlooked at all times by security and students alike.
“There are 16 resident assistants and four graduate hall coordinators that oversee the RAs and the programming efforts of the community,” Diaz said.
The Residence Life office on the 14th floor is the where ideas and plans for the residents begin. Each floor has a theme that caters to the students on that floor.
For example, the Explore Chicago floor offers events for students to see the many sights and wonders of the city.
Graduate students have their own floor that promotes a constant quiet zone. It allows for students to focus on their studying and be able to sleep without any noisy interruptions. Students who are interested in living at the Wabash can take part in choosing the themes.
“We are trying to build a community [in the Wabash Building],” Diaz said. “The vertical campus that we have at the Wabash is new and we are in the heart of a world class city with so much potential.”
Residents living in the dorms have many benefits to their location other than special themes.
“The dorms are pretty convenient because the classes are right there,” freshman Derek Teeter said. “I live with three other people, and we talk on a regular basis. The floor I live on is pretty quiet during the week, but can get a bit noisy during the weekends.”
Residents who live in the Wabash also benefit from a new program set up by the Wabash Community Council called the Faculty Fellowship. The program allows residents to meet with professors in order to communicate more efficiently and have a more personable connection. The program also allows students with similar schedules to promote group communication and studying.
The Wabash Building aims to be a place for students to live and create a close-knit community of friends.
“There are about 650 residents, and we are currently at 95 percent occupancy,” Diaz said. “We are working with the WCC to work on the [study room]. It is the uniqueness of the floors, but we have noticed how small they are. We are trying to get them to be more accessible for residents to hold study groups and add furniture to make it a home away from home.”

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