Inside the Department: Psychology

Psych Department FeatureBy Kenji Koyama

The Psychology Department at Roosevelt University offers bachelor’s and graduate degrees with concentrations for students to learn the types of psychology they want to pursue in their careers.
On the Psychology Department’s website, they place “Opportunities for Students and Alumni” that give undergraduates and graduates the chance to find an internship or job. The department creates a resource for students to keep increasing their success in finding a career after they graduate.
The department is looking to help the students in any way they can with the website and making it accessible for students.
“The Psychology Department is focused on helping students succeed at Roosevelt University,” said Jill Coleman, associate professor of psychology, in an email. “We’re trying to get a better understanding of what courses students want to see offered, what they need to prepare for graduate study and how to offer these courses in a way that accommodate people’s schedules. We’ve talked about what formats courses can be offered in — [such as] online, hybrid. We’ve also considered surveying our graduating students and alumni to find out more about their experiences as psychology students at Roosevelt.”
The Psychology Department is always promoting events to their students and opportunities.
“We’re currently in the process of planning events for this semester,” Coleman added.
The Roosevelt University Neuropsychological Society will host speakers on March 5 and April 7, and the society encourages students who are interested in neuropsychology to attend.
“Psi Chi, our honor society in psychology, is considering events for spring semester focused on careers in psychology and the various graduate programs that people might apply to once they finish their BA degrees,” Coleman said. “Another of our student groups is Psychology in Action, and their goal is to get students involved in the community through volunteer activities. We usually have a lot of things going on, so students should follow our department on Facebook and watch for information about upcoming events.”
One way that students can get involved with the department is to take surveys and experiments that help them understand psychological concepts.
“We have a lot of surveys and experiments being offered,” Coleman said. “Some are only available to students taking psychology classes, and students in those classes can often earn extra credit by participating in studies. Other studies are available to anyone at the university, and students can often earn money or gift cards for participating. The faculty in our department have such wide-ranging research interests that there are a lot of different studies to participate in.”
To find out more about the Psychology Department and its events, visit its page on the university website.

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