Black Student Union schedules 4th annual Black History Month celebration

Black Student Union (Sam Story) From Facebook Pageby Courtney Clark

A panel discussion focusing on the progress of the black community in the past 50 years, titled “The State of the Dream,” is scheduled for Feb. 26 and will be hosted by Roosevelt University’s Black Student Union.
BSU will also host its fourth annual Black History Month celebration on Feb. 27. The event will include Jamaican food, spoken word performances and a possible traditional Jamaican dance performance.
BSU holds bi-weekly meetings and invites anyone to join.
Sean Tyler, president of BSU, said the union is “open to anyone regardless of race [or] gender.”
The spring semester marks Tyler’s second semester as president.
“It was definitely difficult getting used to [being president,]” he said. “I think the most difficult thing for me to get used to were all of the planning meetings and all of the information that you’re responsible for being in charge of.”
In his second semester as president, Tyler is planning new things for BSU.
“[We] plan on building working relationships with as many orgs. as possible to better serve the [Roosevelt] community,” Tyler said. “
As far as next year, we’re planning on setting up a citywide Black Student Union. The plan is to link up with other BSUs at other universities and create a structure that brings us all together and work with each other.
One of the most popular events they’ve held in the past was last year’s “The Journey to Brazil.” The event brought Brazilian food, samba dancers and a capoeira showcase to Roosevelt.
To Tyler, the importance of the BSU is to help preserve a long standing culture and history of a people.
“As a people, we are making progress towards becoming a more accepting utopia, but we’re not there yet, and history is nowhere near accurate when it comes to reflecting the triumphs and challenges of all minorities,” Tyler said. “For a lot of students, it’s nice to be able to have someone or a group of people who look like you and share your cultural experiences to guide you and serve as role models, because at the end of the day, the job of a student organization is to educate, protect and ensure the success of its members.”

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