The Local Focal: Tex-Mex

By Dominic Segatti

For this installment of The Local Focal, we will be on the hunt for that late night taco to help you get through those midnight study sessions.
Do you ever stay up all night and then suddenly get the craving for Mexican food? Fortunately for you, there are multiple spots where you can find that late night Tex-Mex. So whether you’re coming back from the bars, staying up to finish a paper or just craving a football-sized burrito, there will be a restaurant open for you.


Flash Taco – 1570 N Damen Ave., Wicker Park Price: $$$$
Flash Taco is located in Wicker Park, just off of the Damen Blue Line stop. Calling it “Flash” Taco is a bit of an understatement since the first thing you’ll notice is its flashy red-and-purple exterior and bright neon signs. This restaurant is perfect for college students because it has tasty tacos at cheap prices. Most of the menu items are under $5, and they offer everything from tacos to tortas and more.
It also functions at the same hours a student does. Flash Taco opens its doors at 11 a.m. and stays open until 5 a.m. on weekdays, 6 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays and 4 a.m. on Sundays. So whether you’re out late or early, Flash Taco is the perfect place to swing by for that tasty taco. They also deliver.


Taco Burrito King – 114 W Chicago Ave., River North Price: $$$$
This restaurant doesn’t call itself the “King” of tacos and burritos for nothing. I wasn’t lying when I mentioned a football-sized burrito. This 15-inch super king burrito is real and is no joke — just remember to ask for extra napkins.
One of the great things about TBK is that it is always open. TBK is a 24-hour source of delicious tacos and burritos and is only a short train ride away for most Roosevelt students. Just take the Red Line north to Chicago/State, and from there, walk two-and-a-half blocks west down Chicago Ave.
The great thing about TBK’s River North location is that it’s close enough to the train that your food won’t get cold before you get back home.


Spanglish – 555 S State St., South Loop Price: $$$$
For those of you who either live on campus or right around the Loop, this restaurant is perfect for you. Spanglish is a fairly new Mexican restaurant to the South Loop area and definitely a place you can’t miss.
For students living in the Wabash Building or University Center, you’ll love to know that it is just a short walk away — a good thing in this blistering weather. Spanglish is a wonderful surprise because, for what looks like a typical Chipotle from the outside, this place is actually a really cool and modern Mexican restaurant.
Some of my favorite items are the pork tamales, fish tacos and the chocolate flan.

Flash Taco, Taco Burrito King and Spanglish each have their own unique charm and each have something different to offer. You now have a few places to start and find that late night taco in Chicago. Which one do you think you’ll try out first?


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