Students respond to administrative position cuts

Compiled by Jessica Naber

In an effort to gather student reactions to recent administrative position eliminations at Roosevelt University, Accounting Student Jessica Naber asked students their thoughts on the situation.

Samantha Benduha, Psychology: This news of recent ‘position eliminations’ has startled me, to say the least. As someone aware of RU’s strategic planning program, budgeting concerns and the need for a change to maintain a functioning university, I would have thought that the wellbeing of the students, faculty and staff would have remained at the center of Roosevelt’s ideals and actions. Perhaps when answers are finally received, we will better understand the situation, but even so, that will not change what was a disturbing removal process, and the fact that the Roosevelt community will be without some of our most beloved and dedicated members.

Lisa Marie Crabb, Elementary Education: Why would they do this? These people dedicated a lot of their time just for us.

Mark Dennison, : Due to the layoffs, I’ve been personally affected because a relative of mine was laid off. It seems pretty random and unjust to me, but then again, I don’t know all the details.

Tobi Jo Gustafson, Hospitality and Tourism Management: Roosevelt is all about social justice and treating everyone equally. How is terminating someone without a reason or a notice justice? This is just plain ridiculous on Roosevelt’s part.

Seona Marshall, History Alumna intending to return for graduate school: The recent firing (or letting go) of Roosevelt staff worries me. As a student, I have to wonder, is it because the university is trying to cut back because of budgeting issues, and if so, would that mean an increase in tuition? Or are those higher up letting go of some positions to expand other departments?

Brandon Rohlwing, Integrated Marketing Communications and Sociology: I was completely shocked. Tanya Woltman has been at this institution for something like 20 years, and it makes me sick to my stomach knowing that with the snap of a finger, all of her passion and drive to help students succeed was cut short with absolutely no transition period. With Roosevelt doing what they did to Tanya, it’s hard to see the integrity of our university shine through. Tanya will definitely be missed, and her impact at this university will go far beyond her years with us here.

Caitlin Spratt, Hospitality and Tourism Management: Every great business, institution or company stays true to their mission and core values. We are a social justice school and must remember that in all our actions and interactions. I don’t know why the school would have no comment on the subject, but they ultimately would have nothing to worry about, as long as they stayed true to who we are and what institution we have built. If Roosevelt unrightfully released them, that would be straying from what I believe to be our mission.

Natalie Visconti, Marketing: I believe it is wrong to eliminate positions without any notice. What do they do now? Roosevelt was their home, and now they turned their back on them with no notice at all. I would’ve never guessed that the school would do such a thing. I believed we were a whole family, and family wouldn’t turn their backs on others.

Jessica Naber, Accounting: The layoffs have completely shocked me. When I first arrived at this university, the administration described countlessly their mission to improving the student experience and the need for retention. Then, the administrators started eliminating positions of faculty members who continued their mission in incredible ways. These faculty members took valuable time out of their days to get to know the students of Roosevelt University. These people were the ones who stopped you in the hallway and wanted updates on your life. They cared incredibly, and to see the administration take their positions away without even giving them the chance to say goodbye is outrageous. If the university keeps eliminating positions without a word to the students or faculty, it will be an issue. I think President [Charles] Middleton said it the best, “In the end you, and only you, can decide what path we will take.” As a student of Roosevelt University, I am taking the path of righteousness and demanding that we get the answers we deserve. As students, we have a right to know the answers.

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