Office of Admissions simplifies the transfer process

By Samantha Reid

Almost every Friday during the school year, Roosevelt University’s Office of Admissions holds Transfer Friday events for prospective new students.
During the events, students can come in to the university and complete a one-stop shop for all their transferring needs. As any student who has transferred between colleges can attest to, it’s often a complicated process, one that the Office of Admissions aims to uncomplicate.
On Transfer Fridays, potential transfers can meet with an admissions counselor to discuss major programs and have official transcripts evaluated on the spot to see if they qualify for admission into the university. In addition, student ambassadors offer two tours each Friday so potential new students can get a feel for the campus and student life.
After students have been admitted, they can also speak with offices such as Financial Aid to discuss the feasibility of financing a Roosevelt education.
Not many other institutions offer on the spot admission, something that sets Roosevelt apart.
According to student ambassador Grace Deschepper, the events have been integral in increasing the university’s transfer student population. Deschepper works with prospective students every day, trying to best accommodate them in their switch to becoming a Laker.
“The events have been very successful,” Deschepper said. “Roosevelt has over 50 percent of students that are transfers.”
The large student population making the move to Roosevelt may be due to the lengths the Office of Admissions goes to make sure they feel welcome from the very beginning. Student ambassadors and admissions counselors are there to assist them through each step of the process.
“We make appointments for these students, give tours and escort them to another office if need be,” Deschepper said.
Students aren’t left to encounter the world of Financial Aid or Student Accounts on their own — they are guided by the team in Admissions.
So what attracts new transfers to Roosevelt over other schools?
“Most students I have talked to transfer to Roosevelt because they have decided on a major, and Roosevelt offers that to them,” Deschepper said. “Plus, most [students] are getting a great scholarship or Financial Aid package.”
The university is known for offering automatic academic scholarships to new freshmen, as well as transfer students. This gives the school a competitive edge in attracting new students, but it’s not just the practical issues like finances and courses that get students to stick around.
“For the students that I have talked to, one of the top reasons for choosing Roosevelt is because of how friendly everyone is — students and faculty,” Deschepper said.

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