Tips from RU students on how to stay safe in the cold winter

By Shawn Gakhal – Senior Staff Reporter.

Chicago has recently been hit with record-low temperatures, along with an onset of plentiful snowfall and extremely slippery conditions. More and more people are getting sick and falling prey to Mother Nature. To help with the winter woes, here a few tips from fellow Roosevelt students on how to stay safe during the bitter winter.

Brandon Olafsson

Brandon Olafsson
Major: Communication

“Bundling up for me works, and tea. I usually start drinking tea around this time for my throat. And then, weirdly enough, I also drink Vitamin Water, as well — the ones with vitamin C. It just usually works.”
Daisy Perez

Daisy Perez
Major: Political Science

“Definitely wear scarves and hats — everything. [For ladies,] long boots and no heels, especially when there’s all that ice.”

Jackie Cudia

Jackie Cudia
First Year PsyD Program
Major: Psychology

“I wear waterproof Sorel snow boots, and I just bought a down jacket that reaches down to my knees.”

Other tips on staying safe include, but are not limited to comprise of:
·      Wearing insulated beanies, hats, earmuffs and so on
·      Layer sweaters underneath a parka, fleece or wool jacket
·      Download a weather app to scout for future hazardous conditions
·      Exercise logic: watch where you are going, so you don’t trip on ice!

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