New Schaumburg Institute for Literacy Enrichment to offer K-8 reading courses


By Syeda Ali

In an effort to provide a community where education can reach as an opportunity to students in kindergarten through eighth grade, Roosevelt University is starting a reading enrichment program. The series will take place at the Schaumburg Campus, starting on January 25th, from 9 AM to noon on Saturdays. This reading enrichment will provide more opportunities for children to gain the skills they need to excel and improvise in reading and writing. The program will offer an eight-week course which will focus on the following areas: Accelerated Literacy, which allows above average children to continue to grow and explore their performance level in reading and writing. This program is for children in kindergarten through the sixth grade.

The second program that the series has to offer is the Literacy Enhancement, which will offer customized support individual students in kindergarten through eighth grade. This program is specially designed for the young adults who are either average, or are struggling in reading and writing. This program will help students to develop and better understand the basics of reading and writing.

The third program is the Digital Literacy, which will emphasize on third through fifth graders and educate them on literacy skills using computer programming/technology. This program will prove to be helpful to students as it provides a hands-on experience and exposure to updated technology.

“We’ve learned that being in school isn’t always enough for our kids to actually achieve the goal of their going to college and building successful careers,” said Thomas Philion, interim dean of Roosevelt’s College of Education. “This program will enable kids to expand their creative and critical thinking in reading and writing so they can excel in both college and career.

Students who will be enrolled in the program will be coached by recent graduates of Roosevelt University, whose expertise and skills will not only provide these children with vast knowledge, but also give them a community outside of a school environment where they can utilize their learning abilities and socialize and share success stories with each other.

In addition, The Schaumburg Institute for Literacy Enrichment will be led by Becky McTague, who is the associate professor of language and literacy at Roosevelt. McTague believes those students who outperform an average report should be provided additional resources, which can lead them towards advanced levels of reading and writing skills. Moreover, students who need enrichment in areas of reading and writing should also be offered the same opportunities. “We will be taking a balanced approach to literacy and our goal will be to provide opportunities for reading and writing that are both fun and instructive,” said McTague

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