The Chicago Bulls need to rebuild through the draft

The Chicago Bulls need to rebuild through the draft

By Shawn Gakhal


When superstar point guard Derrick Rose tore his right medial meniscus against the Portland Trailblazers on Nov. 22, a collective gasp was echoed in unison by every Chicago Bulls fan out there.

They had seen this story before, and they didn’t want to go through it again.

Bulls fans were just beginning to recover from Rose’s anterior cruciate ligament tear against the Philadelphia 76ers in the playoffs on April 28, 2012. His injury not only affected the team’s hopes of making it to the championship, but it also devastated the heart of a city that watched one of its own fall tragically before its very eyes.

The recent meniscus injury confirmed the worst, as it was announced by the Chicago Bulls in a statement that he would miss the entire season.

What to do now?

The aforementioned ACL injury was especially devastating, considering the team’s championship hopes for this time around.

But, with this recent injury, happening in the infancy of the 2013-14 NBA season, the outlook is markedly different.

This isn’t about keeping the core together, as management did after Rose tore his ACL. It is about the future of the franchise.

Bulls’ management and fans alike hoped he could come back and be that MVP-caliber player again.

The results were mixed early on.

Rose struggled from the onset scoring 15.9 points per game and shooting a career-low 35 percent from the field in just a little over 31 minutes.

However, Rose was coming into his own the last few games before his injury, as his scoring input increased. Also, his lateral movements and game speed seemed to progress positively with every game played.

Then, he went back down again.

The Chicago Bulls need to rebuild through the draft.

When Rose comes back next year, the team could look quite different.

The team’s lack of young talent and perimeter scoring stars will pretty much ensure that the Bulls will lose more games than they did last year, barring a trade.

Now, I’m not saying that they should just outright lose games and quit. That’s ridiculous. But, winning and barely getting into the playoffs, only to get stomped by Miami or Indiana, isn’t a recipe for future success.

It’s how you get to be a treadmill NBA team. It’s how you become the Atlanta Hawks.

Bulls fans don’t want to have the team be a middling 4-5 seed in the Eastern Conference, while losing in the first round and having no high lottery draft picks to show for it.

This is actually the best time to rebuild and reboot the team for the future.

The 2014 NBA Draft with featured stars like Kansas Univeristy’s Jayhawk Andrew Wiggins and Duke’s Jabari Parker is looking to be like one of the best draft classes since 2003.

Lebron James was in the 2003 draft class. Just saying.

According to an ESPN report, the team has already looked into the possibility of trading forward

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