Superman movies still need saving

Superman movies still need saving

By Shawn Gakhal


There are a lot of pressing issues for college students these days. When will I pay off my student loans? Will the economy ever rebound? Where’s my next job? Why aren’t there any good Superman movies?

Okay, so the last doesn’t belong, but, seriously, why aren’t there any good Superman movies?

While the economy is rebounding and the Securities and Exchange Commision is regulating Wall Street and protecting investors, maybe there should be a Superman Exchange Commission trying to regulate just what in the heck the recent Superman movies are about.

A quick sampling of the Roosevelt University population finds that there are, indeed, Superman fans and that the lack of critical acclaim and monster mainstream success isn’t due to low fanfare and indifference to the iconic superhero.

Sophomore Andres Solarte finds Superman more appealing because of his powers.

“I’d go with Superman because he’s more powerful,” Solarte said. “Batman is just a regular person with money.”

Exactly. Batman is just a dude with a mask on and a butler who’s incredibly nosy.

However, sophomore Jessica Liznicki would disagree with Solarte’s pro-Superman sentiments.

“I like Batman’s mysteriousness,” she said. “I like the mask.”

Okay, so maybe she has a point. Dude is mysterious and is a legitimately scary dude, but he still has that mask on his face. Plus, why was Christian Bale talking so deep in those Batman movies?

Okay, so I’m digressing from the main point here.

Another Superman fan is senior Phil Bennett.

“Superman seems to have more power,” he said.

That’s always been the knock on the superhero. What’s the point if he can’t die? There’s no real danger to Superman, his detractors would say.

While “Man of Steel” did gross about $662 billion worldwide and was more successful than its predecessor in “Superman Returns,” the critical acclaim just wasn’t there.

Maybe the lack of critical acclaim is due to the fact that people just can’t identify with him.

Instead of having a retread of the same myth and lore of Superman (General Zod as a villain, again?) over and over, the franchise needs a better array and usage of different enemies and a proper portrayal of his god-like powers.

Bennett put it best, as he differentiated between the two superheroes.

“The Batman has the good villains, but Superman has the better powers.”



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