Student Workers

Student Workers

By Tom Cicero


This week we decided to shine the spotlight on the unsung heros of Roosevelt University: student workers. We asked them what their favorite and least favorite parts of their jobs are.


Alicia Fedro – Writer Center Tutor


Favorite: “I like working with people that have different majors.”


Least Favorite: “Around finals time it’s just hours — it’s just time.”

Angeline Jones – Student Ambassador at Academic Advising


Favorite: “Helping students and just being able to be helpful and get whatever they need done.”


Least Favorite: “When students aren’t very nice.”

Aje Gray – Cashier at Roosevelt Bookstore


Favorite: “I get to meet different people, [and] I get to learn new things, so if I wanted to leave the job I would have skills.”


Least Favorite: “The cleaning. I don’t like to clean. I’ve never liked to clean.”


Benjamin Krause – Admissions Ambassador


Favorite: “I like the workload. I love the amount of responsibility they give us, because we get to learn a lot and meet a lot of great people, and our bosses are really cool, too.”

Least Favorite: “Starting out was really hard, because they teach you so many facts, so just the amount of information they try to stuff in your head is a lot.”

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