‘Thor: The Dark World’ improves on its predecessor, is not boring

‘Thor: The Dark World’ improves on its predecessor, is not boring

By Shawn Gakhal



By now, you should know the drill. Chris Hemsworth is going to be dreamy, sport an intoxicating British accent and will probably have a few scenes with his shirt off. Why? Because girls, that’s why.

Natalie Portman, once again, reprises the role of Dr. Jane Foster. And you know what? She’s incredibly believable in her role, because scientists everywhere look like Portman.

“Thor: The Dark World” moves the action this time from earth to Asgard—Thor’s home planet. Without spoiling much of the movie, the central plot revolves, mostly, around a dark elf named Malekith, played by Christopher Eccleston. And guess what this guy wants to do? Kill everybody and the universe? Why yes, that’s exactly what he wants to do, but with a weapon known as the “Aether.”

One of these days, the villain will have to evolve and be a little more complex with his or her ambitions, but that’s a story for another day.

The acting in the movie feels a lot more intrinsic than the first. Hemsworth and Hiddleston have a few “bro moments” and share a couple of tender, emotional scenes involving the ill-timed demises of the supporting characters in the film.

The CGI in the flick is pretty spectacular, if I’m being totally honest. I felt that “Thor” was a little lacking in that department. It all seemed so makeshift and hurried.

However, in “Thor: The Dark World,” the action is incredible, heart-pounding even.

Thor and Loki’s fight against Kurse, a minion of Malekith’s, was incredible. The cinematic detail and crispness of the action of it all seemed effortless and smooth.

In addition, Thor’s showdown with Malekith near the end was also a personal highlight of mine as well, featuring high production elements that attached a certain kind of magnificence to it.

I know every big-budget superhero film these days has insane amounts of CGI in it, but, for some reason, the graphic production in “Thor: The Dark World” was top-notch, as it emanated a specific kind of grandiosity (parts of the movie were actually filmed in Iceland).

The biggest downfall of the film is the character of Malekith, though. While his intentions were clear, they were often without reason or thought.

Why was he doing this? What was his motivation?

While Thor isn’t in the same Marvel Universe canon like Iron Man, Spiderman or even the X-Men, his own specific lore is now more appealing and exciting than it ever was in yesteryear, thanks to just these two, highly successful “Thor” movies.

If you want to see thoroughly entertaining and elaborate CGI fight scenes on a grand scale (think any Transformer movie) in beautiful, fictional worlds and pretty people in metal suits, you should go out and see “Thor: The Dark World.”


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