Get to know your staff: Allison Sullivan

Get to know your staff: Allison Sullivan

By Tom Cicero

When Allison Sullivan isn’t around the Office of the Registrar, you can probably find her knitting or playing with her two dogs, Chester and Bertolli.

Those who have been down to the Financial Aid Office probably recognize Sullivan as the receptionist who directs you on your way.

Her official title is administrative secretary for the Office of the Registrar, but she has more responsibilities than your average secretary.

“I am usually coordinating everything that has to do with U-Passes,” Sullivan said. “I also work on petitions for tuition adjustments and late withdrawals. Basically, I’m the office manager for the office.”

When the year is at its busiest, usually during the beginning of a semester, Sullivan said that her work can be rather stressful. She described this as the least favorite part of her job.

Her favorite part, however, was working with the students who come in and out of the office. She felt that “college is inherently a fun place to be, so my job is fun most of the time.”

Sullivan is also taking classes to complete her masters degree in training and development. She said instructional design is specifically something she is very interested in and hopes to land a job in the field in the future.

Instructional design is basically teaching staff how to be better equipped for their jobs. Sullivan cited the university’s recent Consistent Accessible Respectful Efficient program, which was administered to the staff and aimed to help them be better prepared to help students, as an example of an instructional design program.

“It can also be learning how to facilitate training programs,” Sullivan said. “In major corporations they have a training department, so they design training programs for employees to learn new software and also things like customer service training programs.”

Outside of work, Sullivan likes to watch movies, listen to music and watch television.

She cited “Catch Me If You Can” as her all-time favorite movie, with Leonardo Dicaprio as her favorite actor.

Some of her current favorite artists are Adele, Katy Perry, and Mumford and Sons. Sullivan also said she is a very crafty person and she likes to “sew and create things.”

For the future, Sullivan said she would like to stay at Roosevelt University, but “hopefully work [her] way up into a position where [she] has more responsibilities.”



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