RU’s Crime statistics from August to October 2013

RU’s Crime statistics from August to October 2013
By Kevinisha Walker

According to Roosevelt University’s daily crime log, there were 11 instances of theft reported between the months of August and October 2013, with one instance occurring at the Schaumburg Campus and the other 10 occurring at the Chicago Campus — specifically, in the Wabash Building and Auditorium Buildings, where theft is the most reported crime on campus.
Five of these incidents in the Wabash Building are closed, and one is under review. The incident in Schaumburg is also under review. Two of the Auditorium Building cases are closed, and one is under review. The least common area where theft is reported is the Goodman Center — where the incident that occurred is now closed.
The second most reported crime on campus between August and October was domestic violence. There were three incidents reported, with all of them occurring in the Wabash Building’s dorms. In one incident, the subject was arrested. In the other two incidents, the subjects were barred from campus.
The third most reported crimes on campus between August and October were disturbance and vandalism. One incident of disturbance occurred in the Wabash Building, and the other occurred at the Schaumburg Campus. The Wabash incident is now closed and was referred to Student Services. The Schaumburg incident is now closed, and no further investigation action was required. Both incidents of vandalism occurred in the Auditorium Building, and both cases are now closed.
The least reported crimes between August and October were property damage, fraud, forcible sex offense, drug violation (possible), unlawful use of recording devices, battery, trespassing, missing person, liquor law violation (possible) and suspicious activity.
Property damage, unlawful use of recording device and trespassing all occurred in the Auditorium Building. These cases are closed resulting in an arrest, a referral to Student Services and a ban from the campus.
Fraud, forcible sex offense, drug violation (possible), battery, missing person and liquor law violation (possible) occurred in the Wabash Building. The forcible sex offense incident is under review. All the other incidents are now closed and have been referred to Student Services. Suspicious activity occurred in the Auditorium Theater and is now closed.
There were three off-campus crimes — theft, suspicious person and intoxicated person — that occurred between August and October on public property. All of them are now closed.
News Briefs

Gov. Pat Quinn plans to sign the gay marriage bill Nov. 20 during a ceremony at the University of Illinois at Chicago. With the passing of Tuesday’s legislation, Illinois becomes the 15th state to legalize gay marriage. The House voted 61-54 in favor. The law will go into effect June 1.

Departing through the front door of CTA buses could now carry an unintended financial penalty due to the new Ventra fare system, according to the CTA bus drivers union. CTA bus drivers said they first noticed that Ventra card scanners are sometimes registering fares when no riders are boarding. Multiple charges are a problem that the transit agency acknowledges has occurred and will be remedied by upcoming software changes.

The Chicago Cubs received preliminary approval last week to push back Wrigley Field’s right field wall an additional eight feet as part of a renovation of the stadium. That renovation will also make Sheffield Avenue, behind the ballpark, much narrower. The Cubs will also be allowed to enlarge a bar and grill at the southeast corner of the stadium as part of the changes approved by the Chicago Landmarks Commission. The renovation and enlargements will cost an estimated $500 million.

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