Let’s Talk About Sex workshop gives feminist perspective on everything sex

Let’s Talk About Sex workshop gives feminist perspective on everything sex
By Jenn Tyborski

Searah Deysach, owner of Early 2 Bed, a sex toy shop, joined RU Proud in its all-inclusive Let’s Talk About Sex workshop last Monday to discuss sex positivity from a feminist perspective. While the topic may not have been for the lighthearted, it was kept college-appropriate.
Deysach created the shop, located in Andersonville, due to her distaste with local sex shops in the Chicago area.
“I started the store because I was a frustrated consumer,” Deysach said. “I wanted a place that supported my sexuality, was friendly, [had] people working there [who] were educated and could answer questions, and where nothing was judged, and that wasn’t in Chicago at the time.”
President of RU Proud Matthew Smith said the purpose of the event was to “open a discussion with students to explore their own sexual lives.”
Smith said he admired the perspective Deysach gave to sex and sexuality.
“RU Proud has had Searah in the past years, and I was so glad to have her back at Roosevelt,” Smith said. “I attended her workshop last year when she was at Roosevelt, and I really enjoyed it and learned a lot of useful information.”
Deysach described various lubricants and the differences between those for men and those for women. Concerns about safety were key at this point in the discussion, and although Deysach stated the subject was boring, she explained the significance.
“I think if you’re going to have sex with yourself, … with somebody else, [or] a household object or an approved sex toy device, you’re going to want to have the improvements to make the sex seem more fun,” Deysach said.
The workshop was aimed strongly toward female sexuality, which historically has been a taboo subject. Deysach urged audience members to remain open-minded about the subject.
She said she wants people to be comfortable with their bodies and their sexuality, and encouraged masturbation as a way of knowing what one wants during sex with a partner.
“Masturbation is the safest form of sex you can have, but it’s also the most exciting form of sex you can have,” Deysach said. “Masturbation is an important part to know your body, to let you know how to direct your partner to make you feel awesome.”
Deysach said she also views masturbation as an empowering way to deal with body issues.
“The whole point of sex is to share this pleasure and to share this experience,” Deysach said.
Attending the workshop was freshman Tybee McLaughlin, who stated after the presentation that she, “pretty much loved the whole workshop.”
“I would definitely recommend other students going to this,” McLaughlin said. “I believe it’s very important for students to know about sex, the different kinds of sex, and how sex can be a fun experience and not a scary one.”
McLaughlin said she felt the information was helpful to college-age students.
“Now is a time when students are experimenting, so why should we be left in the dark?” McLaughlin said.
According to Smith, the event event may not have happened, due to some differences of opinion.
“The bureaucracy of the university is a complex structure, and you have to appease many different people, who all have different opinions on events with such sensitive topics like sex,” he said.
Looking forward, Smith said he hopes to continue to have more events that push the limits.
“I have no problem talking about sensitive topics, whether it is sex, STIs, or HIV/AIDS,” he said. “I am looking forward to our next big event.”
On Dec. 2, RU Proud will host a World Aids Day Celebration in Fainman Lounge for students to learn about AIDS and HIV.

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