Breast Show Ever auditions showcase Roosevelt talents

Breast Show Ever auditions showcase Roosevelt talents

By Daria Sokolova

Photo by Daria Sokolova

Photo by Daria Sokolova


The fourth round of the Breast Show Ever auditions welcomed students aspiring to showcase their talent at the upcoming event. The auditions took place Oct. 18 in WB 317 and were hosted by Alpha Phi Omega.

“Today is just for people to come in and show me what they have got and how many songs they are going to do with us, because anyone can perform,” said Aubrey Biga, auditions coordinator. “But this is the fourth and final auditions—the last one that everyone can come in and tell me if they want to be in the show or not.”

Biga said she expected a total of two to three people to show up for the last auditions and already had 10 to 12 participants.

This is the second year for the Breast Show Ever, a talent show to promote Breast Cancer Awareness across Roosevelt University.

“It’s a night to display Roosevelt talent and to spread awareness across our campus about breast cancer,” Biga said. “We are trying to get people to go to the Breast Cancer Walk on Saturday so they can either volunteer with us or send a $25 donation, and they will get a T-shirt.”

As Biga said, students who can dance, sing or perform should contact her before the show, even if they didn’t make it to auditions.

“There will be an open mic session if we end earlier,” she said. “All you have to do is contact me. As long as they explain their act, they can perform with me.”

After surveying the performers and their songs, Biga said she wants to do a schedule that would help to bring a variety of different genres to the event that will also feature some poetry.

“John Contreras will be doing spoken word,” Biga sad. “And we are having interpretive dancing. [It will be] an education major reading a children’s book, but the audience is going to pick what book it is, and we have a dancer. She doesn’t know what it is, and as she reads the book, she is going to do interpretive dance.”

Khelsea Younker, a first-year music major, was first to come to the auditions and performed a few songs on guitar.

“I have a lot of family members that have gone through battles with cancer,” Younker said. “It’s something that I’m of aware of.”

Younker writes her own music and lyrics and defines her genre as “urban” or “acoustic.”

“I’m going to perform ‘Skinny Love’,” she said. “It’s kind of an edited version of my own. And then I’m going to perform a song that I wrote for my high school graduation ceremony. Its title is ‘Where Do We Go.’ If there is time, I might do something else.”

Younker said it was the first time she was going to participate in the Breast Cancer Awareness event.

“I just expect to go out, do my best and hopefully influence other people and inspire them with what I have to offer,” she said.

According to Biga, Breast Show Ever is an event that aims to encourage Roosevelt students to participate in Chicago Breast Cancer Walk that will take place Oct. 26 in Soldier Field Stadium.

“[Breast Show Ever] is a separate event that’s leading up to the Saturday walk,” Biga said.

“It’s going to be a night of appetizer-y foods, and we have a mix of talent,” Biga said. “We have violin and guitar duos. We have classical violin. We have lots of singing, lots of guitar and song. … It’s going to be a really fun night. And there is going to be a wall of hope you can put your hand on and write a message of hope.”

Funded by SAFAC, Breast Show Ever will take place at 7 p.m. Oct. 24 in Congress Lounge and is free to members of the Roosevelt community. Free food and entertainment to the audience and participants will be provided. Donations from the night will go to the American Banner Society.

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