Roosevelt ‘cuts the ribbon’ on new Finance Trading Room

Roosevelt ‘cuts the ribbon’ on new Finance Trading Room

By Tom Cicero


“It is going to be a general purpose classroom. Most universities have a room dedicated to just financial students, however we don’t have enough financial students for this to be solely for finances. This classroom is a very dynamic room because students will quickly talk to each other.” – Dean Terri Friel

Picture 7355, 7352, 7357

From left to right

Dean Terri Friel (Dean of the Heller College of Business), David Johnson (The Clearing Corporation Foundation member), President Charles Middleton, Kevin McClear (Board of Trustees member for The Clearing Corporation Foundation)

Heller College of Business Dean Terri Friel and company cut the ribbon on her “dream” Finance Trading Room after she delivered a speech on what it took to acquire the room.

Roosevelt University President Charles Middleton spoke first about the progress that had been made technologically at the university since his induction.

“When I first started, we had 165 offices with Windows ’95, and 100 of them had dual floppy discs,” Middleton said. “Today, we have this amazing set of opportunities for our students. We are all interconnected. This is the icing with the icing with the cherry, too.”

Friel spoke next and talked about how far the university had come since she was first hired, as well as the various benefits that the room will provide for students.

“Five years ago, when I came here, we didn’t even have a room that could be a training room,” Friel said. “Now, we have a room that has all the technological advances that students need to be the best financial people we can turn out.”

Friel went on to talk about her future plans pertaining to the Finance Trading Room.

“I’m not done yet,” Friel said. “I want to create a fund of money for our students to actually run. That will give them the real life experience they really need.”

David Johnson, a member of the Clearing Corporation Foundation, one of many who made the room possible through donations, was the last to speak. Johnson’s history with the university dates back to the 1990s, and he seemed very excited to be able to help contribute this room to the university.

“We are very much aware what this means to not only the students and the faculty at Roosevelt, but also for the city of Chicago,” Johnson said. “One of our goals in the foundation is to support the city of Chicago and what we are trying to accomplish in the financial services area. We appreciate what you are going to embark on, and being a partner with you now and in the future.”

Picture 7372 – Bloomberg computers

The Bloomberg computers are the biggest addition to the new room. The computers are meant to aid students in looking up stocks and data.

“The Bloomberg terminals in the corner are really the main piece of this and the most expensive and the most advantageous part of this,” Friel said. “There are four, one for each team in the room. Those terminals are the same terminals that experts in the field use. So our students are using the same terminals that they will use when they become experts in the field.”

Picture 7370 – Classroom

The Financial Trading Room houses four tables, or “teams.” The four boards around the room are called eno boards, and are computers themselves. Teachers can save entire lectures of notes and send them to students allowing them to focus on the lectures during class instead of having to write everything down.

“It’s called a learn lab,” Friel said.

Image 7375 – Stock Screen

The stock screen is used for displaying stocks around the world, as well as displaying customizable messages to students. The message can be changed from teachers’ computers or even their cellphones, and is password protected so that students cannot change the messages themselves.

Image 7380 – Bloomberg Representative

Bloomberg, the company that owns the program, sent a representative to give a demonstration of all the features Bloomberg has to offer. This program is said to be vital for financial students. During the demonstration, she showed the audience everything from Barack Obama statistics, to a geographical map of the U.S., which included where other Bloomberg terminals are located.


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