Administrators discuss future of Schaumburg Campus, as enrollment declines

Administrators discuss future of Schaumburg Campus, as enrollment declines

By Kevinisha Walker


Roosevelt University’s Schaumburg Campus sees less incoming students each year, according to Associate Dean of Arts & Sciences Steve Cohen.

Schaumburg administrators discussed ways to revitalize the campus and its programs last week at a teleconferenced meeting with Chicago administrators in a classroom in the Auditorium Building and Schaumburg administrators in a classroom on Schaumburg’s campus.

Cohen moderated the meeting and spent most of the time discussing the campus’ enrollment declines and ways of attracting potential students.

Cohen said that last year there was a 25 percent decrease in undergraduate enrollment pertaining to Schaumburg’s campus.

Because the campus experienced those declines, Schaumburg officials sought assistance for strategizing admission and enrollment techniques.

“In 2008, we hired a consultant that was all about creating experiences for traditional age freshmen,” Cohen said.

According to Cohen, however, the “recruitment model was not advantageous for Schaumburg.” Being that the suburban campus, like the city campus, attracts a high number of transfer students, Cohen felt that the strategy left out the group of students who make up a great deal of the campus’ student body.

Schaumburg later went through two more consultants but still didn’t see any effective changes.

“Admission and recruitment has been adrift, but we’re still here and have a chance to influence things,” Cohen said.

The associate dean also mentioned that Schaumburg’s competition schools influence the decline in enrollment. The schools include North Central College, Elmhurst College, Harper College, Aurora University and Argosy University.

Cohen also pointed out that one of Schaumburg’s biggest competitors is Roosevelt’s Chicago Campus.

“I don’t have the data, but there are a number of [Schaumburg] freshmen contemplating transferring to the Chicago Campus,” Cohen said. “Lack of programs draws students to the Chicago Campus.”

On the other hand, Cohen said that some students checked out the Chicago Campus and “hated it.”

Many argue that part of Schaumburg’s charm is its location. Nestled 30 miles northwest of Chicago, Schaumburg’s 225,000 square foot campus is away from the hustle and bustle of downtown.

However, as Cohen pointed out, when it comes to campus satisfaction rankings, academics come before location for Schaumburg students.

“The appeal of this campus is its location, but once you take away programs, there’s nothing keeping students in Schaumburg,” Cohen said.

Undergraduate English and history programs were phased out at Schaumburg, as well as graduate programs in English, history and mathematics.

But while Schaumburg has lost some of its graduate and undergraduate programs, other programs hold steady.

“Psychology is the only major that has not declined in four years,” Cohen said.



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