Transfer Students

By: Jen Tyborski

Transfer students entering Roosevelt University this fall come from all over the country. Many Chicago Campus students come from Chicago’s community colleges. The Schaumburg Campus draws students from the western suburbs, but the university overall draws transfer students from four-year universities nationwide.

Roosevelt has had an incoming transfer group of 607 registered students as of Sept. 12, according to Transfer Coordinator Jennifer Jones.

“A lot of times we get applications of students who know Roosevelt, they have a friend who went to Roosevelt, they live in the city and know the reputation of the school, or they visited Chicago once and were like, ‘Oh my god this is a beautiful building, now I want to go to school here.’ We get a lot of students multiple ways,” Jones said.

 Although a lot of students may already know of Roosevelt, Jones makes the extra effort to reach out to potential transfer students.

“In terms of transfers, we all go visit the schools,” Jones said. “We set up either table visits or classroom visits. There are times when those schools-those community colleges are having transfer fairs because that’s the goal of those schools are to get the junior college, or the graduating students on to a four-year school.”

Once a student has met Roosevelt’s requirements to transfer, the student is then able to attend Transfer Fridays for on-the-spot admission. According to Jones, the majority of these students are seen at the beginning of the fall semester.

To be considered, students must have their transcripts from all colleges and universities attended in the past. According to the RU website, 42 percent of undergraduates are 24 or older and are either transfer students or first-year students with little to no college credit.

As a former professor at Truman College, Jones has a personal connection to students who have a city college background. Jones was able to create personal bonds with students in the classroom, and encouraged them to continue with their education. A few of those students have transferred to Roosevelt, and through her position as transfer coordinator, Jones is able to maintain these relationships.

“A lot of students are coming from different colleges, and I know primarily with city colleges that they may be different schools, but they are all coming from the same place,” said Jones. “They’re coming from Harold and Malcolm, but they’re all city college students that have the same concerns, the same issues.”

Jones has formed a new group this semester for transfer students called Transfer Connections. With her background working in a city college setting, Jones recognized the need for a student organization for students.

“The reason I worked with with Ana and Morgan and my transfer students is because I noticed here with the population that I work with, they needed a lot more help in retention,” Jones said. “Being a person to talk to, or knowing where to go to get extra help is one of the reasons I created the club so they could connect with each other.”

Luciana “Ana” Barnes is one of the students helping the organization move along. A transfer student herself, Barnes came to Roosevelt with an associate’s degree from Kennedy King College. Barnes credits one of her professors with encouraging her to talk to Jones, who was visiting the campus at the time.

“She really encouraged me because Roosevelt University wasn’t really on my radar of places to come,” said Barnes. “Roosevelt was also able to give me enough of a scholarship to pay for school.”

Barnes also shares Jones’ vision to have Transfer Connections provide a place for transfer students to go. Although just formed, Barnes said the group has some basic goals set up.

“Transfer Connections is a place for students to feel connected, which is where the name came from,” said Barnes. “The second goal is to keep students here and to keep retention. We want to be able to work with students to see what students want and what they need from this group.”

As the year continues, their hope is to celebrate the achievements of transfer students and to be a support system throughout their time at Roosevelt.

 “[Transfer Connections] is really there to help them navigate to graduation,” Jones said.

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