Does A Liberal Arts Degree Still Matter?

By: Tom Cicero

In today’s economy choosing the right major can be crucial. With the increasing difficulty to find job, choosing the right field can be the difference between being employed or unemployed. With the job market moving in a more business-savvy direction, finding employment outside of that field can be hard. So does getting a degree outside of that business field still make sense?

Being a part of a school like Roosevelt, with great programs in almost all fields, creates an interesting choice for students. Does a degree like liberal arts still make sense in our economy? The short answer, yes.

Why does it matter, though? Perhaps the most important point is that it fosters creativity. The importance of creativity in our society cannot be understated. Without creativity, there would be no art, literature or even an iPhone.

Our country is one of the few around the world that fosters creativity in our children and places more emphasis on being creative than on being right. As we grow older, however, that creativity seems to be stunted by our jobs or lives. But it is this thinking outside of the box that leads to some of the biggest discoveries and inventions. Without that creativity, this article probably wouldn’t exist.

Another huge advantage that a liberal arts education promotes is free-thinking. It can challenge and expand your perception of the world. It challenges you to see things in a different light and allows you to have conscious thoughts.

Going to a university fueled by socially-conscious thinkers and followers, this mindset is crucial. It allows you to think beyond the mundane circumstances of everyday life and gain perspective. Perspective is crucial for understanding the differences between people and growing to appreciate them, so that we can have a more cohesive society.

Academic Advisor Chloe Robinson, my boss and someone who is very much respected, has to think about this question every day.

“There is not enough value on creative freedom anymore,” she said. “We really need to be encouraging creativity, even in college students. As we grow up, it seems like we don’t like being creative, anymore. Humanities are not a dying field. I see the value in it. What would we do without art? What would we do without music?”

Morgan Atkins, an integrated marketing communications (IMC) major, was optimistic about the future.

“I think liberal arts is a great major,” Atkins said. “It doesn’t matter if the job market shifts. If you want the job and you take charge, you can get it.”

Robinson added a thought that stuck the most about children doing what they wanted to do.

“Students should do what they are passionate about, what they are comfortable with,” she said. “If they are passionate about liberal arts, then they should go into liberal arts. They will surely be able to find some way to utilize the degree. If they go into something they don’t care for, what will drive them?”

Atkins shared similar sentiments on the matter.

“What’s the point of CEOs or HR admins creating jobs for people who are not only not skilled but only there for a check?” Atkins asked. “If you’re passionate about something, it’s like you’re not doing work. You will even perform better.”

So, is a liberal arts degree still relevant?

“Yes, I believe that it is still relevant,” Robinson said. “However, I believe the college is accountable in letting the students know about the job market to let them know where the jobs are.”

Atkins was in complete agreement with Robinson.

“A degree is a degree, at the end of the day,” she said. “What you do with it and how you go about getting it is truly up to you. The most important thing is to utilize all resources that are offered, especially the ones that are specific to your major. You never really know who you will meet or what will happen.”

The job market is always fluctuating. It always has and probably always will.

However, jobs will be there for the people that work for them. Companies will go out of their way to accommodate hard workers, no matter what degree you have.


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