Determined To Succeed

By: Marcellis Lewis

Pellikan graduated from Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center.

The athletic program is not the only thing she is excited about now that she is in college. While her athletic career at Roosevelt is important, her academics are her top priority.

“I like the academic programs because the classes are small, and I like how the professors are,” she said.

Pellikan must now take on the responsibility of being a student athlete and work to balance the two aspects of her life at the university.

As a commuter the balancing act does not come easy. Pellikan describes her average week as hectic.

“I have a lot more challenges than someone who’s dorming,” Pellikan said.

For Pellikan, an average week consists of hours of commuting on the train, completing her daily assignments, attending practices and games and relaxing, if the time is available.

Even with the challenges Pellikan faces daily, she still looks to the future and has already set both academic and athletic goals.

She plans on “improving and understanding what [she has] to do to be a better teammate and player.”

“I want to pass all my classes and end up with at least a 3.0 GPA,” she said.

Pellikan will be on the field Sept. 14 as the Lakers go head-to-head with Goshen College at Toyota Park.For about 14 years now, Alexandria Pellikan has been playing the game she’s truly passionate about: soccer.

She was discovered by former Roosevelt University women’s soccer coach Shaun Kohn while playing at a high school soccer tournament . On that day, she spoke to the coach about her potential future with the university and its new women’s soccer team.

Pellikan practiced for the first time with the Lakers in August, during the preseason.

“I like the team,” she said. “It’s a new experience for me, and I am happy to be coming into the school year already knowing people.”


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