Women’s Soccer Secures Victory Over IT

Roosevelt University’s women’s soccer team advanced past the Illinois Institute of Technology last Tuesday. Freshman forward Mika Reid scored her fourth goal of the season to put the Lakers on the board.

To secure the team’s victory, Liana Imbrogno scored the go-ahead goal, and Carli Schlaker added a clutch insurance tally to propel the team to a 3-1.

The win brings the team’s record to 4-4-0, doubling the team’s number of wins from the program’s inaugural season.

The team of fifteen women is focusing on improving from last year. However, only four women returned to the team for its sophomore season: Carli Schlaker, Samantha Anderson, Ruby Moran and Delaney Barrett.

“We get better every practice, every game,” Reid said. “We work hard individually and as a group.”

For Reid, soccer is more than a game. “I have been playing soccer for all that I can remember,” she said. “I grew up with a soccer ball at my feet. Everywhere I moved, soccer [was] something I continued everywhere I lived.”

One of Reid’s proudest moments on the team was when she scored her first collegiate goal against Elgin Community College.

Similarly, the proudest moment for sophomore Ruby Moran is when she scored her first collegiate goal last season. Moran, who plays center midfield, thinks that the team is “making great progress.”

One of the challenges the team has been facing this season, according to Reid and Moran, is their endurance.

“Being a small team, receiving playing time is not an issue, [but] being able to play for 90 minutes was difficult,” Reid explained.

However, the women suggest that no obstacle is too tough for the team to overcome. The women “take it as a challenge and work harder than ever,” according to Moran.

“We have adapted and have learned to push through exhaustion,” Reid said.

Moran, who claims that attendance at their games is slightly increasing from last season, would still like to see more fans come out to support the team.

“As an individual, having fans come to games makes me play better,” Reid said.

Still, Reid acknowledged the distance from where the women play in Bridgeview is far from where most students reside.

However, Ried still receives support from those closest to her.

“Having my parents able to come to games is enough support for me,” she said.

The women go head-to-head with the University of Saint Francis at Toyota Park Oct. 12 at 11 a.m. The women hope that members from all parts of the Roosevelt community will come out and support them.

For more information about the team, visit rooseveltlakers.com.


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