The Pitch

Recent Roosevelt University graduate Ilma Gjini is scheduled to appear on an upcoming episode of AMC’s “The Pitch.” Gjini will appear on the show with the advertising agency The Monogram Group, where she is an intern.

Last January, in her senior year at Roosevelt, Gjini witnessed firsthand how connections create career opportunities.

In the need to find an internship, Gjini went to one of her professors, Laura Kaiser, and asked for help. Kaiser got in contact with The Monogram Group, and not long after, Gjini received an offer for an internship with the company.

“Connections are very important,” Gjini said.

She added that to be successful in integrated marketing communications, it is important to have a strong network of professionals.

“You can’t [offend] anyone because you never know if you’ll end up seeing that person again,” Gjini said.

Gjini started off as a regular student at Roosevelt, but her determination and hard work led her to this moment in her life.

“Ilma [Gjini] has a story that is typical of a lot of our students,” said Lee Earle, according to Roosevelt’s website.

Earle is an associate professor of IMC and one of Gjini’s mentors.

“She came to Roosevelt with a goal of figuring out ‘What do I want to do when I grow up?’” Earle said. “She found something she’s passionate about, she carried it through in her coursework and now she’s getting real-world experience.”

When looking for an internship, Gjini said it is important to brand yourself.

“When looking for a job, you should be sending a hundred to two hundred emails a week,” she said. “You should be sending your resumes everywhere.”

She added that job seekers should be open to opportunities and most importantly avoid burning bridges.

Since the filming of “The Pitch,” Gjini has been tasked with leading the agency’s social media campaign to help promote the company’s work.

“Social media is leading the way,” Gjini said and added that many agencies are looking to social media for marketing because of its inexpensiveness and range.

Gjini is involved in running contests through Facebook and Twitter to engage followers.

In 10 years, Gjini hopes to work for a bigger agency and continue work in social media.

The most important thing to her, she said, is working at an agency where her work is valued.

With future success on her horizon, Gjini acknowledges the effect Roosevelt had on her knowledge of the industry.

“My favorite professor was Lee Earle,” she said. “He told it like it is and expected [industry] standards. He totally represents the industry. I still keep in contact with him today.”

Gjini asserted that although her classes were tough, they helped prepare her for work in the industry.

Gjini and The Monogram Group will appear on the season finale of AMC’s “The Pitch” on Oct. 3 at 10 p.m.


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