Roosevelt Plans Hire Week

Following graduation, students have numerous options of where they can lead their paths. For some, graduate school is on their radar to continue their education. Others may head back home until they decide to leap into their fate.

And yet many more enter the work-world. But how they get there relies on the resources that are provided by their educational institution.

Located on the third floor of the Wabash Building, The Office of Career Development is a center for students to get assistance with resume building, mock interviews, cover letters and finding internships or jobs.

This month, the office will hold Hire Week, a week filled with workshops, as well as informational sessions with various employers.

The office’s mission statement states, “The Office of Career Development educates students, alumni, faculty, staff and employers about the career development and job search process.”

In addition to in-person assistance, the office offers multiple online tools for students. One of the more well-known tools, e-Recruiting, is used by students to find jobs and internships both on campus and off campus, as well as to learn about workshops or career fairs.

E-Recruiting is a service offered to all current Roosevelt students and alumni. To log in, students simply enter their nine-digit student ID for their code and password. Powered by Experience, a company aimed at helping “young adults learn from the experiences of others,” the company connects with numerous colleges and universities to connect students to internship and job opportunities.

International studies major, Brenda Lara-Pizano, is aware of the services offered by Career Development.

“I have not been to their office just because I haven’t needed the services, but I did use e-Recruiting to find on campus jobs during my years at RU,” Lara-Pizano said.

Based off of information on the Career Development’s website, a major emphasis is placed on assisting students with resumes, practice interviews, and career and major exploration.

Located under the resume help section, users can find multiple resume samples, information regarding preparation and basic tips, styles and various components of a resume. Users are also able to find information on electronic resumes–an area that is greatly expanding with increasing uses of technology in the work field–how to address salary history and expectations, and other forms associated with a resume.

Along with resume samples, there are examples of cover letters, thank you letters and how to form a reference page.

Katherine Gage is a first-year journalism student at Roosevelt, and she has already put the office to use.

“I’ve stopped by a few times to work on my resume, and they were so kind and helpful,” Gage said. “Each time I walk out of their office, I leave with so much information and job opportunities I would have never known about otherwise.”

Active Roosevelt student Gail Concepcion is a senior IMC major who has been to the office several times throughout her career at Roosevelt. Concepcion received assistance with her resume and learned how to create a cover letter.

“I was applying to an internship that required a cover letter, and I had never written one before,” Concepcion said. “Ever since, they have continued being such a great support system and resource.”

The Office of Career Development also offers multiple resources for undecided students to help find which major(s) work for them, as well as informing students what they can do with each major. For fall 2013, there are 269 undergraduate students who reported their major as undecided.

Offered to currently enrolled students, assessments and resources include MyPlan, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Strong Interest Inventory and What Can I do With a Major website.

According to the website, MyPlan is a source to, “Take online assessments to evaluate your interest, personality, skills and values, as well as explore the College Majors Database and Career Profiles to learn about various occupations.”

Information and links to other assessments may be found on the office’s website.

Through e-Recruiting, students have access to student employment opportunities. Managed by the Office of Career Development, the office works with Human Resources and Financial Aid. Part-time positions in numerous offices and areas of the school are offered through this resource.

However, not every student is aware of all the services offered. Ashley Grace, junior and philosophy major, is one of those students.

“I will be honest and say at this point I am not really familiar with their services, but I am sure that I most likely went there as a freshman, either voluntarily, or our ACP 101 peer tutor dragged me,” Grace said. “I have not been there yet because I have not been interested in those sorts of services yet.”

Although many of the resources are for current students, the office also works with alumni and provides resources for parents, faculty and staff.

The Office of Career Development offers numerous sources for students to continue reaching their goals following graduation–both while in school and after graduation.


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