Fall TV Show Interests

Favorite Fall Shows


Luciana Barnes


“Real Housewives of Atlanta”


“I’m excited about ‘Scandal’. It’s the best show on earth, and I can’t wait for the season premiere of ‘Real Housewives’ on Nov. 3.”


Katherine Kusner

“Walking Dead”


“I’ve been watching it since high school, and with ‘Breaking Bad’ ending, it fills that hole.’’


Kailin Hampton



“I love the show. It’s political and real. It isn’t sugarcoated. It’s realism on TV.”


Adela Fulgencio

“Chicago Fire”


“I don’t really watch TV, but when I do, I watch ‘Chicago Fire’ because of its interesting storyline and characters. I really like it.”


Arielle Antolin

“How I Met Your Mother”


“[‘HIMYM’] is really funny. I have to watch it because it’s the last season of the series. I want to see how it plays out.”


Andrew Obmalay

“How I Met Your Mother”


“It’s funny and relatable. It’s the life I want to live after college.”


Daley Tongren


“Walking Dead”


“Both shows are suspenseful, and they hold my interest.”


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