Honors Week Leads to First Annual Induction Ceremony

By Jen Tyborski

This Friday, Roosevelt University will hold the first annual Honors Induction Ceremony for all current and incoming honors students.


Leading up to the event, the Student Honors Organization (SHO) will hold Honors Week.


Honors Week begins on the first day of classes with a back-to-school lunch for honors students to catch up with each other after the long break, as well as meet students new to the program.


Monday, SHO will hold their second Meet and Greet for students to gather in a more formal setting and meet with faculty members from the Honors Program.


SHO President Jocelyn Dunlop expects to have a great turnout, as this event is crucial for students who are interested in the program to learn more from current students and faculty.


“I hope that our organization can be a welcoming resource for new honors students, or even students interested in becoming honors students,” Dunlop said. “The honors course load can seem overwhelming, so our organization aims to make the process of coming to a new school and city less stressful.”


Upcoming events include College Night at Pizano’s on Tuesday and an “Arrested Development” viewing party Wednesday night.


Currently, there are 142 active honors students that are eligible to be inducted Friday. Of that group, 55 are first-year students, and eight students are either transfer students or current Roosevelt students new to the Honors Program this semester.


“The ceremony is a way to make the family official and to draw attention to the growing program,” said Megan Bernard, assistant director of the Honors Program.


Bernard joined the program at Roosevelt in fall of 2012 and has since been a major force in strengthening the program for students. She took part in initiating SHO.


Stuart Warner, associate professor of philosophy, initiated the idea of an induction ceremony to celebrate the achievements of honors students.


“I started to wonder whether there was any way of furthering the bond among honors students, and I thought an occasion for bringing everyone together, and bringing the new students into an already existing fold might be helpful,” Warner said.


Although the program has been around for quite some time, the induction ceremony has not occurred until this year. Warner initiated the ceremony because he wanted students to be able to create a bond at the start of the school year.


“The university is more committed than ever to the Honors Program,” Warner added. “An induction ceremony is a mark of that commitment and a mark of the desire the university has to see the program grow and be strengthened.”


Warner also noted that Megan Bernard has been a great addition to the program and from the beginning has urged faculty to think outside of the box about how to improve the program.


The induction ceremony will be held in Ganz Hall in the Auditorium Building at 3 p.m.


Special guests include President Charles Middleton, Provost Doug Knerr and Vice Provost and Director of the Honors Program, Sam Rosenberg.


Megan Bernard will announce names of each attending honors student, and students will receive their official membership pins.


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