A Guide To Your Freshman Year

By Aurora Lucas and Torch Staff

College becomes a cornucopia of knowledge, a source of wisdom. College is also a time for gaining new experience.

As you dip into your freshman year of college, these new experiences can be overwhelming. Here are some helpful tips to minimize your stress levels at Roosevelt University:

1. Don’t miss class. The easiest grade to get in college is in participation and attendance.

2. Take advantage of the opportunities Roosevelt University and the city of Chicago present to you. There are many organizations and clubs to join on campus, as well as off campus.

3. One word: networking. Make connections with your peers and professors. The relationships you make in the present could guide you and help you get a job in the future. Peers are one of the greatest resources to learn from during your college experience.

4. Safety is key in a busy city. Unplug your headphones, and keep your cell phone in your pocket, as they could distract you from your surroundings. Try to always have someone with you, as thieves tend to be attracted to those who walk alone, thinking they are easier targets.

5. Maintain a healthy mind and body. Sleeping and eating right (as much as possible) will give you the energy to be productive in your studies and prevent sickness. Also, carry a mini hand sanitizer around with you, as you’ll be handling the CTA and many, many doorknobs throughout the day.

Roosevelt Tips

1. Allow at least 15 minutes to get from the Auditorium Building to the Gage Building and visa versa. Tourists on Michigan Avenue will hold you up, especially in the spring semester. Count on it.

2. When taking any CTA bus or train to the Auditorium Building, get off at stops closest to Congress and Harold Washington Library. When taking any CTA bus or train to the Gage Building, get off at stops near Madison.

3. Give yourself at least five minutes extra to wait for the elevators on the Michigan side of the Auditorium Building, and if there’s a really long wait, walk to your right and use the freight elevators.

4. The library is on the 10th floor of the Auditorium Building. You have to use the Michigan elevators or stairs to get there.

5. If you need to get to the Tower in the Auditorium Building, go to the middle of the 8th floor to transfer to the separate elevator.

6. Keep your Roosevelt ID handy. Many stores and restaurants surrounding the university give student discounts.

7. Take the stairs right across from the restaurant doors in the Gage Building. The ones past the elevators are only good for exiting the building.

8. Only going up to the third floor? Be courteous, be green and use the stairs! The elevators get packed easily.

9. Use the study rooms in the Gage Building, University Center, Wabash Building or the library in the Auditorium Building to get your studying done. You don’t have to tolerate your noisy roommate.

Do you have any tips for your peers? Send them to us on Facebook (/RooseveltTorchNews) or Twitter @RUTorch

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